South Norwood Parkrun mob match, Results and Report, 9th March 2019

15 Mar 2019

Croydon Harriers enjoyed a new club record turnout of 42 at South Norwood

Patrick Lucas and Madeleine Armstrong bagged 1st places in the men’s and women’s categories, and there were 16 course bests.


42 to score

CH 1679SOC 1891

All to score

CH 2346SOC 2907


Mob Match 2019 Results


Position  ↓Gender Position  ↓parkrunner  ↓Club  ↓Run Time  ↓
77Patrick LUCASCroydon Harriers00:18:11
1111Alan John BURNCroydon Harriers00:18:22
1313Isaac FLANAGANCroydon Harriers00:18:40
1414Kartik IYERCroydon Harriers00:18:49
1616Henry BUTTCroydon Harriers00:19:02
1818Robbie TAMBLINGCroydon Harriers00:19:10
2020Nick MARSHALLCroydon Harriers00:19:14
2121William LYON TUPMANCroydon Harriers00:19:16
2727Adam SHEWCroydon Harriers00:19:46
2929Glenn BARDENCroydon Harriers00:19:58
3232James MOORECroydon Harriers00:20:02
3434Zachary BLAIRCroydon Harriers00:20:11
3535Alex PENFOLDCroydon Harriers00:20:18
3838Zachary JOHNSON-ALLEYNECroydon Harriers00:20:25
4343Douglas AIKMANCroydon Harriers00:20:40
4444Andy DEL NEVOCroydon Harriers00:20:43
4545Jonathan LONGCroydon Harriers00:20:47
4747Jacob PLIETHCroydon Harriers00:20:54
481Madeleine ARMSTRONGCroydon Harriers00:20:57
492Jessica MOORECroydon Harriers00:21:03
5856Matthew KIERNANCroydon Harriers00:21:29
816Holly PERKSCroydon Harriers00:22:27
838Kyra SETHNA-MCINTOSHCroydon Harriers00:22:34
9889Martin LEECroydon Harriers00:23:04
10411Gulcin ERTENCroydon Harriers00:23:12
10612Laura MARSHALLCroydon Harriers00:23:21
10997Joachim BAMBURYCroydon Harriers00:23:37
11414Leanne MOORECroydon Harriers00:23:43
11515Antara SINGHCroydon Harriers00:23:46
12418Jana SETHNA-MCINTOSHCroydon Harriers00:24:15
12719Natalie JACQUESCroydon Harriers00:24:32
13922Miriam DE SOUZACroydon Harriers00:25:04
16430Jules DEL NEVOCroydon Harriers00:26:19
175142Oliver HOSKENCroydon Harriers00:27:02
182148Richard HOOPERCroydon Harriers00:27:29
19642Sarah BRUCE-GREENCroydon Harriers00:28:05
21048Tugce ERTENCroydon Harriers00:29:13
211163Norman HEMMINGCroydon Harriers00:29:19
227171Dave WARRENCroydon Harriers00:30:29
27692Carol JOHNSONCroydon Harriers00:35:57
28699Karen LEECroydon Harriers00:38:37
295191Peter HOWESCroydon Harriers00:45:49


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