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New athletes of all ages and abilities are always welcome.

All those interested in joining Croydon Harriers should email us using the form below in the first instance.

We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Croydon Harriers very soon!

Prices at a Glance

Croydon Harriers Membership & Croydon Arena Prices for 2022 at a glance.

  • Adult Membership £56
  • Student Membership £41
  • Under 11s (ages 9-10) £30
  • 2nd Claim Member – £25

Croydon Arena fees are collected by the club and sent directly to GLL who we hire the track from. £2 per session, £3 for two sessions in a week

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    There are three categories of club membership available to athletes, namely first claim and second claim.

    First Claim
    When athletes come into the sport one of the first things they do is to join an athletics club. As soon as they sign up for a club they automatically become a first claim member of it. There is one exception to this relating to athletes still at school and university where the School of University are are registered with UK Athletics. In this case the school or university always has first claim on their services. Other than that an athlete becomes a first claim member of the first club they join. It is actually possible to be a first claim member of two clubs at the same time. If the original club does not cater for all the disciplines of athletics, athletes can become first claim members of another club purely for those disciplines not covered. For example, if the club ‘A’ participated only in track & field, an athlete who wished to compete in road or cross-country events as well could join another club ‘B’ for that reason. He or she would then be first claim to club ‘A’ for track & field only and to club ‘B’ for road and cross-country.

    Second Claim
    An athlete may join more than one club. For a variety of reasons (which could include social or coaching) it sometimes suits people to do so. Athletes could then compete for their ‘second claim’ club, when not required by their ‘first claim’ club, but only in competitions that permit this. Some leagues, for instance, specify that participation is restricted to first claim members only, but there are some competitions that allow second claim members to take part. This is different to the case above where an athlete can be a first claim member of two clubs for different disciplines. An athlete could compete for their second claim club in the same disciplines as for their first claim club in competitions where second claim members are accepted.

    Once you’ve completed your six session training trial with the club, you can register with us via the following link: