SCVAC League M4, Results and Report, 10th July 2017

The last round of the Vets league for athletes over the age of 35 took place recently at Croydon Arena.…

23 Aug 2017

SCVAC M3 Results, 12th June 2017

09 Aug 2017

SCVAC Masters League M2, 22nd May Epsom, Results and Report

Croydon's men finished fifth while the women's team finished 4th in the latest round of the SCVAC league at Ewell…

30 Jul 2017

SCVAC Masters League M1, 8th May 2017, Results and Report

Croydon's Masters teams opened up with a pair of fourth place finishes at Kingston in the league's curtain raiser. Highlights…

30 May 2017