Rosenheim League Final, 16th August 2017, Results and Report

Croydon's men's team finished a respectable fourth out of 8 at the Rosenheim League finale. Pat Lucas won the 800m…

26 Aug 2017

Rosenheim League M5, Tooting, 19th July 2017, Results and Report

100m Matthew Pepper, 5th 11.7 Oje Izirein, 12.0 200m Matthew Pepper, 4th 23.3 400m Daniel Humble 5th, 72.5 Zindzi Williams…

23 Aug 2017

Rosenheim League, 28th June 2017, M4 Results & Report

14 Aug 2017

Rosenheim League M3, Tooting Bec, 7th June 2017, Results and Report

Croydon's men's team took a great stride towards qualifying for the end of season final after a solid performance at…

04 Aug 2017

Rosenheim League M2, Croydon Arena, 24th May 17, Results and Report

RESULTS MEN Women's Results    

30 Jul 2017