A 2021 message from our President – Dave Betts

06 Jan 2021

Happy New Year to all Croydon Harriers Athletes, Officials, Coaches and Supporters from David Betts, Croydon Harriers Club President.

As Club President I thought it would be good to reach out to as many members as possible.

I am proud to be Croydon Harriers Athletics Club President in 2021.

I inherit the position from a succession of great members of our club. I doubt if any year has been harder in which to Run, Jump, Throw, Officiate, Coach or Support. We are so lucky to have a team that has sustained the club through the Covid 19 virus and the subsequent track closure due to the virus and other local issues. Thank you so much to them.

On to 2021. Keep training in whatever ways you can. Stretching, lifting, running, throwing, cycling and probably the most difficult, nutrition are vital to maintaining a readiness for resumption of formal training and best of all COMPETITION. 

I ran the Croydon 10K course solo in July. I was lucky to have the support of my wife Charlotte and my coach from the 60’s and 70’s Mike Fleet but without other competitors it was harder and slower. I also had to check my map to avoid going off course, so missed officials and volunteers too.

In 2021 we must learn and remember to appreciate what we have. A great club, fitness and competition. When I coached I always reminded athletes to appreciate how fit they were, what being an athlete meant and how much more they got out of life because of that. Keep remembering that.

2021 is an Olympic Year so let’s echo the Olympic motto:

Citius, Altius, Fortius, 

Faster, Higher, Stronger

David Betts.

Croydon Harriers President 2021.

Croydon Sports Arena,
Albert Road, South Norwood,
SE25 4QL
0208 647 1341 - General Enquiries, Mike